English Throughout Sandy Hill Academy- Year Three

During Year Three children continue to develop their enjoyment of reading as they read books at an age-appropriate interest level. Focus is placed on reading with accuracy and appropriate pace. By Year Three children are expected to read at a pace which enables them to focus on understanding what they have read rather than decoding individual words. Vocabulary development is specifically taught to support each child to become an independent, fluent and enthusiastic reader who reads widely and frequently. Throughout the year children develop their understanding and enjoyment of stories, plays and non-fiction texts about a wide range of subjects. Children also begin to learn to read silently. 
Throughout Year Three children continue to develop as writers. Children focus more closely on planning, drafting, writing, evaluating and editing for writing by recording their ideas with a reasonable degree of accuracy and good sentence punctuation.Within writing children are encouraged to use a wider range of prefixes and suffixes with increased accuracy. The correct spelling of common exception words and homophones is targeted throughout Year Three and into Year Four as is the accurate placing of the possessive apostrophe in words with regular (e.g. girls') and irregular plurals (e.g. children's).
Extracts of texts are used to model sentence structure, appropriate use of vocabulary and linguistic terminology. Grammar, vocabulary and narrative structures are built upon in order that children may draw on these to express their ideas.
Emphasis is placed on the use of joined handwriting to aid presentation and fluency of writing.