Drum roll please (29.9.17)

On Monday we were treated to a drumming assembly. Children listened to a variety of different styles of music which can be played on the drums by our drums teacher. If your child is interested in participating in drum lessons please see the office staff for more details.
In Maths this week we have focus on ordering numbers and counting sequences. We ordered numbers from largest to smallest and vice versa. We also continued counting sequences forwards and backwards. This week we used our knowledge of place value and countining in steps of tens to check the ordering of our numbers and explain why we thought a given number would come next in the sequence. Later on in the week we also looked at number sequences which ascended and descended in steps of 2. 
In Computing we continued learning to write codes. This time we learning to make an object move in severeral different directions when we clicked on different letters. We designed our our path for Little Red Riding Hood to move along. We needed to have written the correct codes in order for her to move up, down, left, right and to stop when we clicked the appropriate letters on the keyboard. It was rather challenging but we rose to the challenge with resilience and support for our peers.
In Art we focused on our ability to cut around a range of line styles to creat a collaged hedgehog picture. 
In Music this week we responded to a piece of music called 'Storm' Interlude from ''Peter Grimes' by Benjamin Britten. We listened to the exert of music and discussed how the music made us feel, what pictures we saw in our head and how we knew when the storm was at its peak. Afterwards we followed a piece of paper into quarters and drew a picture to match each part of the music. We then watched Melody on Cbeebies who had listened to the same piece of music to see the images used to interpret the music visually.
In Phonics we have continued to revise and consolidate our knowledge of phonemes and graphemes within Phase 5 and have used this understanding to read and write words and sentences.
  • Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 2pm-4pm. 
  • Film Club will start on Monday 9th October due to the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon.
  • After school clubs start on Tuesday 3rd October.
  • Thursday 5th October is school Census day- please see the window for menu changes.
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