Computing and Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy
It is essential that the children at Sandy Hill understand the importance of keeping themselves safe when using the internet.
As part of Internet Safety Day 2016, some of our KS2 children created their own internet safety video.
From the video can you identify 5 ways of keeping safe online?
Internet Safety Websites
It is important that our children know how to keep themselves safe online. Below are some websites which provide useful information.
Please use the links provided.
 The NSPCC website provides information for parents so that you can check the suitablity of a game, app or website. You type the name into the search box and then it will tell you all about it.
The Thinkuknow website has age specific areas for the children to explore to learn about internet safety and appropriate behaviour when using the internet. The children learn through videos and games. It also has guidance for parents/carers.
Kidsmart is a fun, interactive and educational website for teachers, children and parents. Have a look and see what useful facts you find out.
Children learn to code as part of the computing curriculum. They create and use algorithms to help them to solve problems or achieve a particular objective. We use a range of 'Coding' software in school.
Year 6 have been using 'Scratch Junior' to create their own informative stories for the younger children. They had to create algorithms to make the 'sprites' (characters) move and to change the scenes.
Year 3 have been learning code using Scratch Junior to create simple algorithms to control characters on the screen. An algorithm quite simply is a set of instructions that modern technology uses to run effectively.  The children have created some outstanding animations.