Autumn Term

Internet Safety
Across the school, the first Computing/ICT focus for learning has been Internet Safety. The internet is a vital learning resource that can support children to embed and further their understanding. It is also a fantastic way for the children to communicate and share their information.
As part of Aspire, our children have played a vital role in designing the first Aspire E-Safety Vision statement. This includes 10 top tips on how to stay safe on the internet.
Year 1/2 have created a great mind map using the Popplet app. This allowed the children to discuss the key ways in which they will use the internet and what to do if they are concerned about any E-Safety issues.
Year 4 used our new Chromebooks to research and create E-safety posters using Google Docs. Whilst creating their posters, the children learnt about how to type, edit, save and insert images using this online version of word.
The children worked really effectively in groups to create these posters and learnt lots of key ways to stay safe on the internet.
Year 5 have created a great display outside their classroom, which is full of useful tips on how to stay safe on the internet. Tips include: not befriending people you don't know on the internet, telling an adult if you receive any suspicious messages and how to spot spam or scam emails. Well done Year 5!
As you can see, Year 6 have also been busy creating incredible E-safety posters to highlight the key rules about staying safe on the internet. They are reminding us to keep passwords safe and secure and not to give out any personal information on the internet.
ICT Suite
For the new school year, we are pleased to announce the arrival of a new look ICT suite. This is filled with new Google Chromebooks. These are a fantastic learning resource for the children. They allow for quick web browsing and are full of many other learning tools to allow the children to program, create and share. 
Across the term, all of our classes have been using the ICT suite to great effect to enable ICT and cross curricular learning. Year 4 have been acting as teachers, showing the Year 1/2 class how to logon and access the internet on our new Chromebooks.
Year 3 have been recently using the Chromebooks to support their Maths problem solving by playing problem solving educational games.
Year 6 have spent an afternoon using the iPad app Garageband. They created tracks with at least 4 different smart instruments and some pairs even moved on to recording their own audio samples. The children were excited about the 'Apple Loops' part of the app and how much this added to their composition. None of the children had explored this part of the app before and they were excited by this new learning. By the end of the lesson the children were already discussing how they could use the app in cross-curricular ways. Year 6 are going to teach other classes how to use this app and have begun to create their own guides to the app.
Road Safety Animations
Year 4 decided to put their road safety learning into informative animations. They planned and filmed their stop motion animation using Lego Movie Maker. The children had a great time producing some informative videos.
ICT in the Nursery
ICT is also being used in a variety of ways in the Sandy Hill Nursery. The children have been using toys with buttons to create lights, sounds and images. The children have also been learning with the class whiteboard and "topmarks games" to practice numeracy skills, count and click on the corresponding numeral.
The children also have been regularly using the class iPad to use simple apps to practice swiping and taking photos.