24.05.19 Ladybird features.

It's the spotty lot this week or should we say the bad tempered spotty week.
This week the children have been enjoying a different creature. This was inspired by a ladybird that we found in our garden. We counted his black spots and examined his other body parts. We found out that he had six legs, four spots and 2 antennaes. The children's faces beamed as his wings opened and he flew off to another leaf.  I explained to the children that I knew a story about a ladybird but he was angry a lot. We shared this story through together time and the children joined in with the repeated speech. They could empathise with the friendly lady bird and asked for a peg to be made for the bad tempered lady bird's behaviour. 
We have also looked at The tired ladybird and the Yellow ladybird.
The children had really observed their ladybirds colours and body parts and have created the most wonderful drawings/ colourings and models.