20.04.18 Children's choice- The Little Red Hen

Welcome back to Nursery.
We have pecked our way into the start of the summer term. The children enjoyed the hen topic from Easter that they decided they would like The Little Red Hen story when they came back. This week we have been busy reading the story, comparing the story by changing the characters, writing in the flour, making the bread, sharing our bread with each other, learning about wheat, painted our own hen, played on the farm and we have even got a job as a pizza chef in our pizza parlour. 
Looking after the tadpoles.
The children checked on the tadpoles as soon as they arrived back from the holiday. They continued to feed the tadpoles all week. Some of the children had noticed that the tadpoles have grown back legs and were changing into froglets. The children asked to take a closer look at them so we decided to catch  a tadpole in the net and look closer. The children went off to draw their findings while Debbie washed out their tank.The children loved looking closer at the tadpoles and have really enjoyed caring for their creatures.
 Garden Learning......
The children have really enjoyed the garden this week and having the sun shine has made it very warm. The children have explored every part of the garden through ball games, wheelbarrow play, frisbee friends, tending to their garden, water play and watering the vegtables, imaginative journeys in their cars,counting flowers, making pictures out of flowers, the list goes on and on.
The children have investigated the Vegtable patch and have measured the plants to see if they are growing. They have planted new Vegtable seedlings- radish,lettuce and runner beans. 
This week they decided that the daffodils had died so they needed new flowers and the children set about drawing their favourite colours of flowers. We then voted which flowers we should plant. The children cut down all the leaves of the daffodils ready for our new flowers. They used their wheelbarrows to push the leaves up on to the compost heap.
Polite Notice-
All children MUST have a named hat and a bottle of sun cream that will be kept in school. All children need sun cream applied before their school session and we will apply during the day. 
The book fair is in school next week and there are so many lovely books for us to purchase. I shall be in their this week and I hope to see all of you too. Please come and take a look between 3-4pm in the main school.
Go Active-
We start our go active session this Monday so please make sure your child has sensible footwear.