Christingles (1.12.17)

In RE this week we learned about the Christingle service. This is a service held by Christians on the Sunday before Christmas. The Christingle service will be held on Christmas Eve this year. Each part of the Christingle has a special religious meaning.
In Science we conducted an investigation to see how easily germs spread. We were put into pairs. One of us had to put hand lotion on one hand and then a small mound of glitter in the other hand. The glitter represented germs. The person with lotion and glitter in their hands then rubbed their hands together to 'spread' the 'germs.' After doing this they then touched their partners hands. When the children looked at their hands they found that the 'germs' had transferred from their partners hands. We then investigated the best way to remove germs from our hands. We tried three different ways:
  • a dry paper towel
  • cold water
  • warm water and soap
After we tested each method of removing germs we looked at our hands to see how many 'germs' remained. We concluded that it was best to was your hands with warm water and soap as it removed nearly all of the 'germs.' We also learned that we should wash our hands thoroughly each time we use the bathroom and are about to eat food. To help us to know that we have washed our hands for long enough we can hum the tune 'Happy Birthday To You.'
In Maths we investigated the properties of 3D shapes. We explored the 2D shapes found on the faces of 3D shapes, whether the faces were flat or curved, how many edges there were and how many vertices. As well as this we looked at whether each shape rolled or stacked. 
  • Please ensure you have purchased your tickets for the Nativity performance as the remaining tickets will go on sale from Tuesday 5th December at the school office.
  • Please order your child's Christmas lunch for the 20th December via ParentPay.
  • KS1 Nativity performances are on Monday 18th December at 1:30pm and Tuesday 19th December at 9:30am.
  • School closes Wednesday 20th December at 2pm. Children may wear a Christmas jumper to school on this day.