A part, part, whole lot of fun! (15.9.17)

This week in Maths we have continued to build upon our knowledge of number and focused on place value. We have investigated a variety of two-digit numbers. In class we have worked in pairs and independently, using apparatus and different models to help us to better understand the value of each digit in a two-digit number.
Our understanding of the 'Tens' and 'Ones' digit is becoming much better and enabling us to explore and solve a wider range of number problems.
In P.E this week we practised moving safely and with an awareness of those around us. We moved around the hall in different ways and worked as teams to complete set tasks. Next week we will be putting movements to music with a link to our topic of 'Seasonal Changes.'
In computing this week we recapped what we already knew about Coding. We recalled how to write a simple code to program an object to move and explained how we coded various objects to move and even disappear.
Next week we will look at writing more complex codes.
In English this week we wrote a story about a hedgehog. We began the week by thinking of adjectives to describe a hedgehog. We then listened to an Oxford Owl ebook story called 'The Hedgehog.' After sorting the story into the correct order using pictures, we retold our own version of the story in pairs. On Wednesday we uplevelled given sentences before retelling the story in our own words on Thursday. We used all of our story telling skills learned over the week to help improve our writing. 
Use the the pictures below to retell the story at home with your family.
In Art we looked at a variety of leaves and created observational drawings of these. We used a variety of line styles to sketch our leaves. We needed to make sure that we remembered to include the veins and stem. 
In Music we began to learn about bars of music. We looked at a range of musical notation and learned how to respond to each. We named these notes (e.g. slow, quick-quick, rest) and then clapped each rhythm. 
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  • Next week's spellings: Week 2 (tested 22.9.17)
  • Next week's table: x10 (tested 22.9.17)
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