7.03.19 World Book day

This week the children have been getting into their topic alongside World Book Day, Pancake and St.Pirans day.
They have shown incredible resilience when writing their own version of the Three Little PIgs. They changed the story by choosing their own good and bad characters as well as what material the houses were made of.
St Piran’s day on the Tuesday saw the children munching on their pasty, making flags, learning a bit about St.Piran himself and also designing their own pasty middle. Mrs Jago led a fantastic assembly based on St Piran’s. She taught us some greetings in Cornish as well as some Cornish songs. The children also had a go at singing Trelawny.
The children have also been learning about Pancake day and what it means as part of their RE topic. They went onto designing and making their own design for the topping.
In the topic, The Great Fire of London, the children have finished their fire pictures and have been learning about what a timeline is about. In small groups they placed the events of the fire into order. Next week they will write in more detail about what happened, how it happened and some of the main people.
World Book Day 2019 happened at Sandy Hill on Thursday. Well done and Thank you for every child in the class dressing up as a character. The children had a wonderful day, sharing books, laughing at dressed up staff, completing activities linked to our class book and visiting our new library.