4.02.19 Internet Safety day

What a very busy week!!! This week the children have learning how to stay safe on the internet during the “Tell Somebody” Internet Safety day on Tuesday. The children learnt a new song and also drew posters promoting some of the sensible rules when they are online.
The children have also been trying to understand how Buddhists prepare for Chinese New Year and also how it is celebrated. They made Chinese dragons and tried Chinese food. The Year 2 children also had a go at making a popplet on what we were learning.
On Thursday, the school joined in with “Time to Talk” day as part of Children’s Mental Health week. They talked with Mrs Raikes about the different way in which their friends perceived them using lots of adjectives. They also talked about how to love themselves. Mrs Prior talked about ways to keep a healthy mind and body.
In Literacy, the children have been continuing with their work on Stickman. The Year 2’s were writing a letter to Stickman family pretending to be writing as Stickman himself. 
In Numeracy, the Year 1s have been recapping on the different 2D shapes names and properties and being able to reason about these shapes. They have also been looking and investigating 3D shapes. Year 2 have been extending their learning on arrays and the different ways that it can be written.
During Art, the children have been having fun making collages in the style of Picasso. We photographed their faces and copied them and then from the copy extracted the different features and mixed them up. Children thought how funny it looked and some even named their new friend!
To finish the week off, the children were lucky enough to partake in the skipping workshop. The instructor handed out skipping ropes with a counter in the handle. They had a 2 minute sound track to do as many skips as they could. They then tried again and with perseverance and determination hoped to beat their personal best. The coach also spoke about healthy eating and handed out recyclable boxes with blueberries in. He hoped they could fill them with fruit for their lunchboxes.