30.11.18 Rama and Sita and Light Fun!

This week we have been exploring the story of Rama and Sita. We really enjoyed listening to and then retelling the story. We also explored the different characters and what they were like in the story. We really enjoyed coming up with adjectives to describe them. Finally we had a go at writing our own versions of the story where we used all that we had learnt to really being the story to life.
In science we have really been working scientifically as we asked the question, can we see without light? We were not sure as lots of us said that we can still see things in our bedrooms when the lights are off so we devised an experiment to find out. We put colour bears in three boxes. One had no light, one had a little bit of light and one had a bit more light. We peeped inside each box to see what we could see. The results were brilliant, we could see nothing in the first box, we could see the yellow and orange bear in the second box and we could see all of the bears in the last box which proved that we need light to see. We said that this must mean that there is always a little bit of light in our rooms at night and that the brightest colours are the first to be seen if there is light present.