30.11.17 Ewe’d think it was nearly Christmas!

This week we have taken our rehearsals onto the stage. It has been fantastic to see how many children have learnt their lines and are now working on their expression and volume. Keep up the great work at home!
We were also treated to a sneak preview of the foundation stage production of ‘Whoops a Daisy Angel!’ which was fantastic! We were truely blown away by how amazing our reception and nursery children’s were! A huge congratulations to all of the staff and children involved.
This week we have continued our cross curricular English work by looking at another of Percy the Park Keeper stories to do with the seasons and weather. This week, poor Percy had experienced a windy, stormy spring day! Unfortunately the storm had brought down the oldest tree in the park, which also happened to be home to many of the woodland animals so we decided to design a new woodland home for the animals! We shared some excellent ideas before writing all about them and describing all of the details that we would make sure our home had. We had great fun, especially when we shared our final pieces of writing with the class.
In maths we have continued our work on shape. We have enjoyed sorting shapes in all sorts of ways before identifying ways in which shapes had been sorted by someone else. We have also begun work on 3D shapes.
In RE we have learnt all about advent and what a Christingle represents. We enjoyed finding out about each element of a Christingle as we made our own. We are very excited for the countdown to Christmas!
We have enjoyed working in our year groups for science. This week, in year 1 we have looked at what animals eat. We really enjoyed finding out about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and we were even surprised by some of the diets of the animals that we looked at!
Well done and a big thank you to all of our parents as this week saw us go digital with ‘Parent Pay!’ It was amazing to see how many of you had managed to set up your accounts and talk to your children about it, I think they knew more than me! Please continue to have those conversations with your children about their dinner choices so that we make sure that every child gets the dinner that they want and will enjoy! Especially on these cold winter days!
Thank you again!