30.10.17 The start of the festival of light.

Well the celebrations are in full swing and the children are enjoying the Diwali festival. 
We have made our own Diwali lamps from clay. The children requested we lit their lamp when they were dry so while we waited we looked at Diwali rangoli patterns. We loved drawing the different shapes and creating their patterns  using as many bright and colourful colours as we could with chalks and pens. We got very messy in the flour too by printing the shapes and tracing our names.
The children have used the smelly playdough to make a birthday lamp and they have enjoyed turning on and off the candles and have placed this on top of their candler holder. Some of the children found a resting place and set up some of the candles. Their favourite place was in the den because it was dark inside and there candle lit up, this clearly showed the flicking image which children found calming so they relaxed  and laid back.
Looking forward to fire works exploring next week and it's NURSERY RHYME week. 
If you have a favourite nursery rhyme book or character then please encourage your child to bring this in and we can share all  together.
 It will be parent meetings soon so please look out for the sign up sheet.
Time to be off now For more fun with fireworks.