30.09.19 Our new topic Elmer!

Reception have really enjoyed learning about Elmer the Elephant this week.
In the maths area we have had a go at matching the numbers on the Elmer tens frames to the right amount of colourful gems. This has really helped us to practice counting up to ten!
We have all had a go at using tissue paper squares and glue sticks to make our own patchwork elephants just like Elmer!
This week Reception also had a go at doing some play-dough disco moves for one of our ‘Funky Fingers’ sessions! We focused really well on using our fingers to squeeze, splat and poke our play-dough. This activity was great for helping us to develop the muscles in our fingers to support our early writing skills.
During our phonics sessions this week we have been practising our collaborative letter formation by writing the sounds we have been learning on each other’s backs using our magic fingers!
We have also continued to practise our segmenting and blending skills to help us read CVC words. The interactive whiteboard games ‘Obb and Bob’ and ‘The Odd Sound Out’ have really helped us to practise!