29.09.17 hola & adios!

What a fabulous way to start the week...with a drumming assembly! 
We were treated to an excellent display of drumming skills to inspire anyone wishing to take up drumming. It was great to see the children enjoying such a great performance. If your child is interested please see Natasha in the office for more details.
In maths we played a coconut shy game to learn about ordering numbers. We had some great conversations about how to order from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest and the children really worked on giving reasons for their choices as they picked the next number to order. 
Next we worked on counting in sequences. We completed missing number sequences and more or less questions. All the time, we remembered that it was really important to read the instructions to check the order of the sequence ascending or descending. 
Finally we finished the week with some problem solving. Could we spot the mistakes in some counting sequences and could we give reasons for our answers!
After a brilliant assembly we started the week with real enthusiasm and completed a big write.
We were shown some pictures of a hedgehog adventure and we had to come up with the story. We had some amazing ideas that really impressed Mrs.Matthews and then we really focussed on our 'green to grow' targets to improve our writing.
We also had European languages day this week. It was great to see so many of the school dressed in Spanish clothes or colours.
We had a super time learning colours, body parts and numbers in Spanish. We played games, sang songs and were even treated to a special lesson from our own MFL specialist Mrs.Jago. What an amazing day!
In topic we have been taking a trip around the continents to learn more about each one. We even made our own globes and planned a journey we would take. 
In ICT we have continued with our coding work. This time we were making multiple events happen with the click of a button - but of course we had to write the code first. We were so excited to see our programmes come to li
We can't wait for more fun and new learning experiences next week!