29.09.17 Blue surprises

This week we have been looking at the colour blue and we have explored lots of different shapes. The children noticed the colour change as soon as they arrived to nursery and some of the children were so excited they hung their coat up and quickly collected an apron to go to explore.
The children really enjoyed all their blue activities this week whether it was blue chalk mark making, building a blue house, tapping blue pins into different shapes or creating a blue fish out of playdough. The children's favourite activity by far was washing all the dirty cars in the blue car wash.
Some of the children discovered they had blue eyes and used a mirror to examine their facial features.Then they painted their faces on the painting/creative table.
We have looked in great detail at shapes in our setting and within our school environment, then we used the shapes to build pictures and place the shapes together to create different familiar objects.
The children have expressed the need for green next week.