29.04.19 On the Farm with the Red Hen.

Children's ideas this week- The Little Red Hen,
This week our learning has took us far and wide from farming to different occupations to friendliness and sharing the load. The children have been really interested in farm animals and have wanted to create different animals on the farm. The children asked to paint hens and we had lots of different varietys of chicks, hens and roosters.
The children also played on the farm and set up the tuff spot tray themselves with animals and tractors ploughing the fields. We looked at baby animals on the farm and Nikki told us all the baby names. We learnt foal, kid, duckling, chick, piglet, lamb, cygnet, Jenny, calf and so many more. Our favourite was finding out a hedgehog baby was called a piglet and a bats baby is called a pup.
We also looked at a lot of books this week. We really investigated details on each page and discovered how some flap books worked. We looked at information books and specific job roles on the internet like the farmer, baker, Miller through our little red hen story. The children wanted to be bakers and helped Lisa to bake their very own bread and rolls. They were very good at kneading and rolling their dough. Then they choose their favourite topping to fill spread onto their fresh warm roll. 
In the garden the farmers have ploughed the land and have made very good progress in planting the vegetables ready for our next story-The Very Hungry Creature.
And finally we have created lots of different chickens.
Next week we are starting our topic about Being Healthy. All photos of your child being healthy and active would be greatly welcomed and displayed and please send in your child's  favourite healthy tastes this week. Thankyou to this who already have we shall be tasting and sharing them next week.