29.03.19 Our mark making is growing.

The children have excelled themselves this week and have written, wriggled in sand, painted inside and outside, pulled pens across paper and made marks with their pencils on their paper using their own ideas. The favourite idea was being the teacher and writing each other's name on the big white board. 
The children have also been looking at flowers through their Mother's Day ideas. They planted bulbs and seeds in pots and then painted their ideas of flowers that would grow in their pots for their Mummie's. The children looked at the parts of these flowers and then drew the roots, stem, petals and painted leaves.
The children explored long marked lines by pulling cars around big paper. They asked to some their dinosaurs too which they found to make different markings.
Some of the children used their own ideas of flower printing and we discovered you can make a sequence pattern with our shaped cutters. 
Outside this week has been beautiful with the sun out and all the children enjoying exploring and creating in the wide around them. Their interests this week outside have been growing/watering the plants. Riding around the garden as delivery people and looking for clues to see if the Easter bunny has been into our garden.
I wonder what this week has in store for us...........