29.01.18 Esafety excitement!

What a great start to the week!
We began Monday with a Big Write all about a tiny dragon! We were all given a picture of a tiny dragon and we had to plan and write about it. It was amazing to see the children thinking up some fantastic ideas and planning and writing on their own to show off their English skills so far.
We also began work on Esafety in our ICT lesson in preparation for Esafety day on 6th February. Our first objective was to celebrate the internet by learning about three things creating, connecting and positivity.
We learnt all about what a fantastic learning tool the Internet can be when it is used sensibly and safely but then we also discussed how upsetting and sad it can be if it is misused.
First we discussed all of the amazing things that we can do with the internet and the technology we own, from finding out information to connecting with relatives who live far away.
Next we read a story all about three monsters in a school who had a sad experience with the internet. The children enjoyed empathising with the monsters who had made a poster and when it was put on the school website for the class to vote on, someone had posted a remark which had sounded and looked unkind. From this they learnt the safety tips of how to block it, how to report it and above all how to avoid these things from happening in the first place.
To celebrate what we had learnt we recreated the monsters task and we designed a poster using an online programme. We then went round and made a positive comment on each other’s work which we were then able to read and share with the class. It was great to experience why it is important to be nice and positive when using the internet but also what to do if we encounter something that is not.
On Wednesday we enjoyed watching Beauty and the Beast by M&M theatre company. We really enjoyed joining in with the songs and seeing such a fantastic story brought to life in our hall! 
In maths we have continued our work on multiplication and division. We have been working on arrays, equal groups and relating this to multiplying and dividing. 
In science, year 1 have been applying their knowledge of materials by identifying the material that objects are made of. They used the chrome books to recap on subject knowledge and then they went on a treasure hunt to find objects to identify and describe. They really enjoyed talking about the objects and why they are made out of different materials!