28.11.18 The Gingerbread man

This week our learning has centred around the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. It has been the stimulus for our writing, story telling creative activities and a scientific experiment. 
We put a Gingerbread man in water and made predictions about what was going to happen. We left it on the side. After an hour we looked to see what had happened and noticed that the water had changed colour and the biscuit had increased in size. The children were eager to explore what it felt like and were surprised that it no longer felt like a Gingerbread man biscuit and was now soggy and gooey.
We then decided to explore what happened to other items when placed in water such as; sweets, tea bags, sugar cubes and smarties. The children were fascinated by what they were seeing and exploring and the children were keen to record their findings through words and pictures!