28.09.18 Green wriggly week.

We have munched our way through nursery this week. We started our journey with the colour green on our rainbow. Then we found a story with a green character in The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children are following our rules and sat right the way through this story. During the story the children explained to each other what things they liked to eat. The children were set a challenge to create a caterpillar and they went off to explore independently. The children came up with a variety of ways within their environment.

 We have been very excited as the sun was shining, the children remembered the holiday sun experiences and shared this with each other while playing. One child said we should construct a bus as he had had his holidays travelling on a bus. We made this out of crates and tyres then got on and sang The wheels on the bus song. We even had a bus ticket collecter to sell us our tickets. 
Some of the children were busy drawing on the boards and patio making more rainbows and creating wriggly worms in the mud.