28.06.19 More,More,MOREEEEEEEE

We have had so much fun with our investigating the sea theme this week and the children have thrived off the story wanting more, more, more of their independent learning.  Our story had a very greedy whale who ate everything as he just wanted more and more each time but he suddenly discovered it was not good to be greedy.  The children have shared all the toys this week and have had a lot of time outside as temperatures rose more, more,more. The children have clearly enjoyed this topic so far. This morning we had a shell home made and a boat out of the crates. We had had a tower of sandcastles and some even had our names on the top which were written on by the children. We had snail trails to follow and then we made curly chalk shells. 
We made memo and rainbow fish, oh and don’t forget Grandma shark. You will be able to view a shoal of very creative fish swimming through the nursery soon. We are learning our songs for our singalong so don’t forget your pirate outfits as we need these next week.