26.01.18 Penguins

This week has been all about penguins.  
The children have asked a variety of questions regarding penguins. So that led us in to scanning the Internet and finding video clips and penguin facts. The children absorbed every detail and went off too play within the environment. They were set challenges to find and create penguins within their playful learning time. Some of the children created playdough penguins, other children painted them. Then there was building a different house for a penguin including looking at the correct materials for the setting.
The children sailed out to sea and collected the fish which some of the children counted and created number lines on the floor.
The children have loved looking and listening to stories around penguins- their favourite is the penguin that can't swim, we have looked at lost and found, little penguin, lost, that's not my penguin and Keira brought in chilly the penguin. 
We we have looked at smartie the penguin-child safety on the Internet.
The children's favourite this week was constructing a penguin cake and polar bear footprint biscuit. They not only looked amazing they were just as yummy.
Wow I wonder where we travel next week.