26.01.18 Making Multiples and Music

We have really gotten into our castles topic now and we are thoroughly enjoying learning all about it. Last weekend Coen visited St Catherine's castle with his family and Zenna visited Pendennis castle with her family. They each brought in photographs of their visit and could talk about the parts of the castle they had seen.
Zenna also brought in a very old and very heavy iron cannonball that her dad had found when he was 9 in some woods in Truro where he was building a den with some friends. These woods were an army training camp over 350 years ago. The cannonball is from the English Civil war (1642-1651). It has never been fired from a cannon. After Zenna's dad found it he took it to the museum and they told him all about it.
We have been practising number bonds to 10 and 20. First we matched cards together to make 10 and then we wrote out the sums in order.
E.g. 0+10=10                                                 0=20=20
       1+9=10                                                   1+19=20
       2+8=10                                                  2+18=20 and so on
We have been learning about multiplication this week. We started by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and finding patterns in the numbers. We looked at the numbers in the ones column and how to recognise a multiple of each number, e.g. multiples of 5 have 0 and 5 in the ones column.
Then we moved onto repeated addition as a long method for writing multiplication sums, then arrays as a pictorial representation of multiplication and then multiplication sums.
We grouped ourselves, then we made a human array, then we used what we know to match cards with all of these things on them.
This afternoon we did Music. We thought about body percussion and how we can make sounds using our bodies, in particular our hands, our feet and our mouths. We came up with lots of different ideas and enjoyed demonstrating them to the rest of the class.
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