25.03.19 Music Day and more...

This week we have been celebrating all things musical and even enjoyed a day dedicated to learning about music. As part of the day we listened to a piece of music and we drew a picture to represent the images that it conjured up in our minds. Next we warmed up our bodies by identifying the beat in the music and moving our bodies in different ways to it. 
We then learnt a song and devised our actions to go with it. After learning the song we then used our imagination to write our own verse before finishing with a class performance.
In maths we have been working on our tens and ones to make numbers. We have them been finding one more and one less and representing them with our own jottings.
In PE we have enjoyed getting outside to develop our tennis skills. We enjoyed throwing and catching a ball before picking up a racket and learning how to hold it properly. Next we learnt how to underarm throw and hit a ball to a partner. We had great fun!