24.11.17 Working together and finding shapes

This week the children have explored shapes in the garden. They were set a task to find as many circles as they could. The children were up for the challenge and quickly got their waterproofs and wellies on then shot off around the garden looking everywhere. Some of the children brought back hoops, cups,wheels, shape mats, stones, the list goes on they loved this challenge and even found a round knot in the wood on the fence-amazing.
Following on from being kind last week we have been helping each other this week and worked together to clear up the garden. The children worked together to collect the wheelbarrows and tools from the shed. Then they took it in turns to fill up their wheel barrows and buckets. They worked in teams of 4 and cleared the garden mud kitchen placing all the leaves on the compost heap. Then they helped each other with their waterproofs and zips on their coats. I was so proud of all of them today-we have a really caring and close team of children.