24.04.19 "Let me come in".

Welcome back everyone. We hope you all had a good Easter holidays. The children have started their  learning using their very own trotters and have become very independent now they are all grown up.
It's the Three Little Pigs journey.
Off the children set to explore their environment after listening to the story. Some of the children gave their ideas or their own recount of this story as we investigated and read each page. The children really liked this story and were very enthusiastic to show their knowledge through the activities that had been provided and they came up with lots more ideas. 
We explored making houses for the pigs as mum had told them too in our story. We have created and marked pigs faces in our playdough. We have investigated the best materials to use for a house and some of the children pretended to be the wolf character and blow each material down.We have used our trotters to draw a pig, colour a pig, paint a pig, shape a pig, fill our piggy bank up with pennies and find our name letters in the mud using the pigs and magnet letters.
Some of the children were able to use letters to create the word Pig. Then amazed Maddie by changing their word from pig to pen. Amazing learning building their own words, wow.