23.11.17 It’s beginning to look...

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday to support us at the annual torchlight carnival. We were completely overwhelmed by the turnout and also the effort that each and everyone of you had gone to ahead of the nights festivites. It was such a lovely local community event! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
Now that we have enjoyed the Carnival, it seems that Christmas has begun! This week has definitely seen the start to our Christmas part of the term as we enjoyed a visit from Tesco. We were treated to their very first Christmas trail. We learnt all about ginger and the food journey that it went on to reach us in the first place. We then celebrated this by decorating our own gingerbread men!
In English we completed a big write, where we used all the things that we have been learning to plan and write a thank you letter to Percy. We had great fun imagining we were one of the animals and we thought of some lovely things to say to Percy.
In maths we have started a new topic on shape. We began by revising 2d shape. It was great playing games and seeing what the children remembered about shape. It was particularly interesting how tricky they found looking at and identifying shapes in different orientations! We worked on naming 2d shapes and looking at their properties. To help us revise some of the properties, we make shape fortune tellers, which we have been able to  take home. It would be great if you play with them at home!
In science we have been discussing how impoartant our senses are. We wanted to do an investigation to do with one of our senses and after much discussion we decided on sight. We wondered if we would still have a good sense of sight if we only had one eye. We planned our experiment which was to try building a tower with two eyes and then repeat the same activity with one eye. We made predictions and in some cases we were shocked by our results because some children built a better tower with one eye because they were concentrating more!
We have started our rehearsals for our nativity. It was amazing to see how many children have been learning their lines! However we still have a few,who need some more practice so please keep looking at them at home! Thank you!