23.02.18 Chinese New Year

This week was the beginning of our learning about the Chinese New Year. We explored where China is and found it on the map. We then investigated what the China flag looks like and made our own representations. We looked at similarities and differences between how we celebrate the New Year and how the Chinese New Year is celebrated. We enjoyed looking at how they write in China and how the symbols they use are different from our letter formation.
We learnt about the story of the animal race and how this was where the Chinese Zodiac calendar materialised from. By exploring this we found out that this year was the year of the Dog. We made our own representations of the dog and made our own dragon puppets. We learnt about fortune cookies and made our own fortune cookies with a good luck message inside.
Our investigation area this week involved 'smelling' pots. The children explored the Chinese food smells and selected the picture card to represent what they thought was inside. They then recorded their findings on the paper and at the end of the week we opened the pots to see who guessed correctly. Sennen and Jax guess all the 5 pots correctly - well done!