22.11.19 Owl encounter

On Thursday this week we had an visit from 3 very friendly Owls from the Screech Owl Sanctuary! A Barn Owl called Baden, an Indian Scops Owl called Iggy and a Tawny Owl called Wheatley. Reception learnt a lot about what Owls eat, where they live and their individual features like their very big eyes!
We all had the chance to stroke each of the Owls and we learnt how to stroke them gently using the back of our index fingers. 
Reception loved learning more about Owls and meeting Baden, Iggy and Wheatley! 
 Reception also had the opportunity to do some observational drawings of the Owls.
Reception had a go at doing some cooking this week! Reception took on the role of making our snack which was Gruffalo themed, we made some ‘Roasted Fox’ and ‘Terrible Teeth’! For the ‘Roasted Fox’ we made sweet potato chips and for the ‘Terrible Teeth’ we used baked tortilla wraps and made a Tzatziki dip. We all tried these during our afternoon snack time and most of us enjoyed them!