22.11.19 Owl encounter

We were lucky to have a very special visit from Screech Owl Sanctuary this morning, the children were excited to meet a Barn owl, a Tawny owl and a Scops owl. The children sat quietly and listened as each owl was introduced in turn and we learnt how they hunt, where they live and what type of food they like to eat. The children waited patiently for a turn to stroke the owls, and followed the instructions on how to gently stroke the owls on their tummies using a hooked finger so as not to hurt them. The children were surprised how soft the owls feathers were! Finally, we were fascinated to watch Baden the Barn Owl demonstrate how quietly he could flap his wings. 
The children were able to make observational drawings of the owls!
One of the children had brought in a Gruffalo cookery book to share with the class. The children were all keen to try some of the intriguing recipes. We wrote a shopping list each day with the ingredients needed and a group of children each day prepared snack for the rest of the class.
We made 'Terrible Teeth Tortillas'...
We also made roasted fox.. (sweet potato).