22.09.17 Learning about ourselves

We have been learning about ourselves, families and our homes this week. We have enjoyed sharing the photos of ourselves as babies and comparing them to how we look now. We have had great discussions with our photos of our homes and have made our own representations of them. Thank you for bringing in the photos.
We have been exploring musical instruments, learning their names and listening to the sounds that they make. We took turns to pass the turtle around the circle as we sang a song. 
We have been exploring numbers and we are beginning to recognise numbers. Some of us have been extending our learning by sequencing numbers. Amazing number work this week!
We had great fun developing our gross motor movements outside this week. We made large circles with our arms while wearing ribbons on our wrists and drew around our friend's shadow with the chalk.
  • Tuesday 26th September is 'Languages Day', please come to school wearing colours of the Spanish flag (red and yellow).