22.09.17 Hedgehog Happy!

Another excellent week! 
This week we have continued our topic of 'Seasonal Changes' in all areas of the curriculum!
In English, we have been looking at poetry. We began by identifying what a rhyme is and then we played a game to find the rhyming word. We started to notice that the words sometimes had the same ending, but we soon realised that this was not always the case!
plane - rain
Next we had a go at thinking of our own rhyming words which seemed quite a simple task but was indeed quite difficult as we only wanted real words and with our developing vocabulary we were sometimes unsure whether a word was real or not!
hot - sot
Then we looked at an autumn poem about a hedgehog. We identified the rhyme before learning  and performing the poem. Finally we created our own hedgehog poem by developing our own rhyming couplets and putting them into sentences. 
We finished off the week by performing our super poems to the class.
In maths we have continued to look at place value.
In year 1 we have been comparing amounts and using the mathematical language of more than, less than and equal to, we have also been using the symbols to express this. 
In year 2, we have been using a place value chart to express a 2-digit number in lots of different ways to understand the value of the digits. We also moved onto comparing amounts using lots of different place value apparatus before comparing amounts using symbols and words.
We have continued looking at animals and their babies in science by describing how an animal changes as it grows. We also completed the 'egg or not challenge!' To show what we had learnt. Finally we looked at some different life cycles of different living things before having a go at drawing and labelling a lifecycle of our choice.
In ICT we have continued to code! We are really enjoying making things happen but this time we are also developing our skills of using a mouse track and keypad which is much trickier than an iPad! 
This week we learnt how how to make bubbles pop and change direction on command. We also learnt how to make multiple events happen with code and how to debug. Great fun all round!
In topic we have continued looking at the world and this time we focused on Europe and what is special about this continent. We create some excellent fact files and some of us even went onto look at another contintent and to identify similarities and differences between it and our continent. We enjoyed discussing was special about each continent, population, food, climate, size, places to visit etc.
In Art we have moved onto colour but still only using pencil to ensure that we are working on our sketching and observational skills. We carefully selected palettes of colours to express our leaves and we repeated the previous lessons sketch but this time by bringing the leaves to life using colours. We did a fantastic job and it was great to compare the two sketches that we have done so far!
In PE we have started our dance topic by looking at movement. We talked about different ways of moving and then we introduce our topic of seasonal change and we imaged how we would move in different types of weather. We had great fun changing our movements and body shapes to reflect this.
In PSHE we have been discussing what makes a super learning environment so that we can develop our own class charter. Our ideas were so thoughtful and really reflected what a wonderful class we are. We then had a go at designing our own pirate to show that we were all 'on board' with they list that we had made!