22.01.18 ‘lots of’ multiplying!

Another amazing week which started off with an inspiring assembly. Ken Rudge helped us to learn more about our current PSHE topic of dreams and goals by sharing some stories from the bible which told of some of the early dreams and goals that people had. We learnt how impoartnat it is to have dreams and goals and started to really think about our own and how we could start on a path to achieving them. It was great to see the year 6s getting involved in telling some of the stories which really helped to bring them to life!
In English we have continued our amazing non-fiction writing all about castles. We have learnt all about Ramparts, Castle entrances (including the Portcullis), the Keep and finally the High Walls. We have really enjoyed finding out about all of the different parts of a castle and this has really shown in the quality of the writing that we have produced!
In Maths we have started our new topic of multiplication and division. We have been counting in lots of different ways, 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been making lots of groups and describing them, ‘I have 2 equal groups of 2, I have 2 lots of 2’. We have also been relating this to repeated addition and multiplication.
In art we have been painting dragons! We mixed paint to create different colours and then we used different sized brushes to apply the paint and to create different designs. We also had great fun designing the different parts of the Dragon before assembling them to achieve the final result! An amazing flying dragon!
In ICT we have built on our skills of using the trackpad, to opening up a web browser and searching for a program. We had to find a new program where we could learn all about knights and their armour. We had to work on dressing a knight by selecting, dragging and dropping the different parts of armour into place. We really enjoyed getting our knights ready for battle! Next week we will be learning some literacy skills as well as we will learn what each part is called and then we will label it.
What a excellent week! Have a super weekend!