21.01.19 All change

This week the children have coped really well with lots of change. At the beginning of the week the children moved phonics groups but quickly got into routine. They remembered who they were going to and took their positive attitudes to their new groups. 
On Wednesday Mrs Prior took the Year 2s to swimming lessons at Polkyth. They were magnificent, remembering the routine in the changing rooms and what they had been taught last week. Some of the less confident children  were brave and slowly lowered themselves into the diving pit water. The more confident children continued improving their stroke technique, stamina and breathing as well as learning the basics of diving. 
During our materials topic this week, the children had to recognise different materials that objects were made of. We then continued to talk about their properties. Lots of vocabulary was learnt including absorbent, transparent and opaque.
in Topic, the children have been really interested in learning about famous people. Ask them what Florence Nightingale was famous for and Christopher Columbus’ life.
We are reading the story of Stickman in Literacy, written by Julia Donaldson. The children begun the week but acting out different parts of the story and thinking about how else Stickman could be used. We continued by thinking about emotions and how the Stickman would be feeling in different parts of the story. Year 2 have begun to plan out a letter to his family about what has been happening to him.