20.10.17 Oliver's Vegetables

This week we looked at the story Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French. We explored vegetables, looking for similarities and differences. We sorted fruit and vegetables in to the correct baskets and even used carrots as a mark making tool!
We have been outside representing numbers by threading beads on to the pipe cleaners and working as a team to construct the balancing beam. We used our arms to help us when balancing and walking across the beam. 
We used the crates and wooden planks in the construction area to support our role play. We made it in to a bus, train and even an aeroplane. We dropped people off at different destinations and listened to our friend's ideas.
We were very excited to come back to school in the evening wearing our pyjamas for Bedtime stories. Mrs Edyvean and Mrs Bawden read us stories, while Miss Tregunna and Mrs Cushen prepared our milk and biscuits. We had great fun!