20.10.17 Chicken Licken & Friends!

Wow, half term is nearly upon us, where did that half term go already? & what a start to the week!
We began with a harvest assembly in which we welcomed St.Austell Food Bank and Tesco bakery.
First we learnt all about harvest and why we celebrate it. It was great to hear from the children how much they have learnt about harvest in their classes.
Next we related this to a kind of harvest we had been doing by collecting food for our local community (a big thank you by the way!).
We then had a presentation from SAFB. It was great to find out where our donations would be going but sad when we realised just how many people in our local area need our help. 
Finally, Tesco presented us with a harvest loaf to celebrate.
In English our Autumn theme has continued with the book Chicken Licken! We loved reading about how an acorn dropped on his head and he thought the sky was falling in!
We began by looking at the villain of the story, Foxy Loxy. We decided to produce a wanted poster but first we would have to describe his inside -personality and outside - appearance using adjectives and verbs.
To understand this we began by sorting words that described Miss.Bingham and discussing if they were inside or outside words.
We then used what we had learnt to make a huge list to describe Foxy Loxy before using them to create some super posters.
In maths we have continued to work on our addition and subtraction using various models and images. We have worked on part/whole, tens frames and working systematically. We have even applied our knowledge and skills to some tricky problems where we had to give reasons for our answers!