19.01.18 Winter Time

Well winter has certainly arrived in the nursery. We have been exploring the children's interest towards winter which firstly led us to the artic with the penguins and polar bears. We researched where the artic was and how we could travel their from Cornwall. We then looked at the setting and who lived there.
The children's favourite this week was penguins and we really enjoyed sharing stories and facts about penguins. Some children have even brought stories from home about penguins.
All children have been busy building igloos, sailing out to sea and living in the artic. They have created their own world of penguins and have included great details to their drawings- daddy penguin sitting on the egg keeping it warm while mummy penguin is swimming for fish to eat. Some amazing drawings this week.
Next week we shall continue this theme as the children are really engrossed.
Polite notice:
Please make sure you bring a coat everyday for your child and make sure you have enough clothes in the rucksacks as we are running very low on socks, tights and pants/knickers: if you are having a sort out please send in your unwanted items as we would be very grateful.