18.10.19 All things ginger.

The children have been investigating spices through their play. They discovered the spice ginger this week and thoroughly enjoyed sprinkling, shaking and mixing in their new  language methods. 
We covered our creative gingerbread men by shaking the spice. We painted using our spice orange and brown colours. We mixed our spice and baked our own gingerbread men then like the old woman in our story did we placed on buttons and bow ties. We also drew round our friends outside making our own body shape then turned them all into the gingerbread man. The children asked to mix up their own versions of ginger cakes, curries and cup of gingers tea.
The children were very proud of their play dough rolled gingerbread men shapes and the children loved creating new gingerbread people by colouring them in. 
These activities were all inspired by a gingerbread man at snack time sharing. The children turned themselves into the characters and have learnt a new saying,
”Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man”.
I wonder where our learning will take us next week, maybe it will be over the bridge saving our feet from getting soggy.