18.10.18 Rocket Reward Party

The children have worked so hard in following our school rules and looking after our environment that they have filled their rocketship up and have earned their reward party. 
When asked the children asked for balloons and bubbles. Some of the children requested music games and party food. But the party favourite was the Gruffallo story on the big screen. The children really enjoyed sharing their party food choices and retelling their favourite characters through the Gruffallo pictures.
We played lots of games- musical chairs, coloured balloons, musical splats, balloon body parts and of course the Hokey Cokey.
The children have listened to a Maddies holiday plans and to help them remember their holiday experiences we looked in the summer collecting bags from their last holiday. The children used their items in their bag to share with their friends their own holiday experience.
The children smiled with pride as they shared their photos and special items and could really explain in detail where they had visited. All children sat and listened to each other really well. 
The children clapped each other at the end of the discussion and then suggested ways in which they might like to spend their holiday next week.
To all the nursery parents and children,
Have a very happy and safe holiday,
From all the nursery team.