18.03.19 Super learners!

This week we have really been working on showing our super powers. We have completed lots of different activities to show our teacher what we have learnt so far this academic year! We have also been building upon our super powers and we have had lots of discussions about what skills we need to improve like our handwriting and spelling and we have begun to focus on these skills with lots of success already!
This week we have been discussing dissolving and absorbency in science and we began by setting up an experiment involving gummy bears. We wanted to know what would happen to the gummy bears when they were placed in different liquids.
Lots of predictions involved the gummy bears dissolving into the liquid because we said that when we put them in our mouth, which has liquid in it, they dissolve. Lots of us also predicted that they would lose their colour because the liquid would mix with them. However after monitoring them over a couple days we soon discovered that something completely different happened! The bears actually increased in size as they absorbed some of the liquid! Take a look!
Our other experiment involved penguins! We wanted to find out how penguins stay dry and whether we could stop a paper penguin from getting wet! We talked about penguins having a special oil in their feathers and how wax crayons have something similar in them so we decided to see if penguins really do stay dry by colouring a penguin completely with wax crayon and then putting liquid on it before drying it to see if the penguin could remain dry.
We had great fun colouring our penguins and naming them before pouring liquid onto their belly’s. We also poured liquid onto a penguin,that hadn’t been coloured in. Firstly we were shocked that whe. We out the liquid on the wax penguins the liquid just stayed on the surface in blobs but when we put the liquid on the penguin without the liquid began to disappear. Our conclusion was that penguins stay dry because the oil they have in their feathers stop the liquid from being absorbed. We confirmed our findings by drying our penguins,with a paper towel only to find that our wax penguins were completely dry underneath but our uncoloured penguin felt to pieces as the liquid had been absorbed and made the paper soggy and transparent.
In topic we have been recounting the events of the Great Fire of London and giving our opinion on the events. We have also been creating some super GFoL collage artwork.