18.01.19 Penguin facts week.

Waddle, Waddle, Flap, Flap,
but no flight here this week-
The children choose our learning this week and they all voted for penguins everywhere. So down came the snow and off to Antarctica we sailed. Once there it was very cold- the ice we found to make our igloos was tricky as it kept melting so the children asked for white cubes instead. Then there was the egg investigation to see which egg a penguin would lay and we compared sizes of eggs and colours, unfortunately we had to wait a long time for it too hatch and it didn't so we opened the egg and there was no penguin inside. The children said it was because Daddy penguin had not kept it warm at his feet. That brought us on to talking about the different body parts of our penguin and what each part does- the children laughed at the blubber layers that a penguin has to keep itself warm. Some of the children asked if we could have a pet in our garden but when we explored the correct environment our garden was not a great place for a penguin.
Lots of the children travelled by boats this week and created there own items to take with them, telescopes, binoculars, sat nav's, maps and cups of porridge.
They also choose how to construct a playdough model of a penguin, draw a penguin and paint a penguin, oh and there was fish a numbered penguin too.
Debbie looked at different icy landscapes with us and then we explored our own country's icy conditions through our season's weather and we made some amazing tree displays. Look in the creative area there's more to come....
The children have really enjoyed searching for penguins in stories this week after watching the story of Lost and found. This inspired the children to find out more about penguins and other animals that live in Antarctica. The children  selected books and could tell their friends what was happening in their story by looking at the pictures and coming up with new ideas on how the story should go.