17.11.17 Sharing our nursery learning

This week we have been looking at our learning journeys. All parents really enjoyed sharing the journey with their children and listened to their child's description to each photo and experience.
We also have been looking at other people's journeys- The children's favourite was the story of The Story of the Princess and the Pea.
They acted out the story by dressing up as a character of their choice and used props to help retell the story. Meila was the narrator and had to select the correct picture on the iPad to tell the story. The children decided they needed to use musical instruments for the weather change in the story. 
Their favourite part of the story was lying in the bed and discovering a pea. They showed lots of emotions through this story and the children expressed how unhappy the prince was and by the end it was all happy again.
We are so looking forward to next week as we are exploring our nativity songs and making our snowflake hats.