17.05.19 We have the wriggles.

Well what a busy week we have had this week, wriggling all over the nursery activities.The children have worked super hard this week with their wriggling fingers to create their names, colour pictures of story characters and paint their butterfly wrinkled wings. 
There was also lots of created caterpillars in all different shapes and - some even had eyelashes or 100 hundred feet. The children have used their pushing hands through dough disco to make sausage shapes then turn them into caterpillars or snails. 
We have looked at the caterpillar story who gave away all his shoes to the other bugs and creatures. He didn't need them anymore because he was going to change soon. The children spoke about the things they do for other people and how they care for each other. We also looked at The Very Lazy Caterpillar and the children created their own story endings. We had some really creative ideas from web spinning to working in an ice cream shop. Then our caterpillar changed into a butterfly when he made granny better and he snuggled down inside his cocoon in the woods. After he came out with rainbow wings and princess shoes.
We have been so physical outside this week, painting, rolling, drawing, pushing, tapping and wriggling/flying around everywhere. The children have explored the sand to create a butterfly home. They have watered all the plants and dug  in some new flowers for our butterflies to land on. The children have pushed their babies to the shops after writing shopping lists for snack. We had to take our cars into the garage and see the mechanics for repairs. We have enjoyed digging up the treasure in the mud and building mud butterfly cakes in our mud kitchen.
We even got to have lunch outside this week.