16.11.17 One Snowy Night...

This week we have been reading all about Percy the Park Keeper. We learnt what his job was and how much he loved it. We also learnt what a caring man he was through his story called, ‘One Snowy Night’.
We began by reading the story...but not all of it. We read how the weather had changed in the Park and the snow had come, bringing with it some unexpected problems. We learnt about these problems when various animals began to turn up on the doorstep of Percy’s hut and despite the lack of room within his hut, Percy didn’t turn any animals away. Unfortunately this meant that it was quite a squeeze!
As we had only read up to when the animals were knocking on the door, our first task was to imagine what other animals would knock on the door. We had great fun thinking of woodland animals that might need Percy’s help. We also thought about reasons why they might be there, with some interesting suggestion!
We used all of this to write some new doorstep encounters for Percy! 
Later on in in the week, we learnt about story settings. We discussed what a story setting was and then we looked at some different settings. For one of our activities, we worked in pairs to read and sort word to go with each setting. This meant being able to describe the story setting and really imagine what it would be like to be there. The year 2s even used a glossary to help them to learn some new vocabulary. Finally we used words that we had magpies to write our own setting descriptions for Percy’s park and his hut.
In maths we have finished off our addition and subtraction topic. Year 1s have been using number lines and learning how to add and subtract with them. They have also worked on finding the difference and using all of this to problem solve. Year 2s have been using known facts like number bonds, to find additions to 100 and to add three numbers with great success!
In ICT we used the iPads to design a good friend for anti-bullying week. We talked about the importance of anti-bullying week and what bullying is. We discussed strategies to combat bullying and how we can be good friends. Luckily all of the children agreed that they had never been bullied because they were all good friends but felt happy knowing who they could talk to and ask for help if they ever needed it.
Remember it is the torchlight carnival on Saturday! I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there!
Have a good weekend!