15.11.19 We went on a Gruffalo Hunt!

On Monday we learnt about Remembrance Day and why it is important that we remember those who fought for us in the War. 
During a together time session, Reception talked about who they like to think about or remember and we then had a go at making our own poppies for those people who are special to us. 
This week our topic has been ‘The Gruffalo’. 
At the beginning of the week we went on a Gruffalo Hunt! Reception really enjoyed exploring more of our outside area and they managed to find all of the characters from the story who were hiding in our garden! 
During our Maths together time sessions this week we have been looking at ordering numbers from 1-10 and counting on one more and counting back one less than a given number. 
Reception have also had the opportunity to learn how to play a new game that Miss Polmounter made called ‘Build a Gruffalo’. Reception loved having a go at building a Gruffalo using their counting skills and ability to match numerals to quantities.