15.10.18 The Tiger who came to tea.

Well everything has gone orange and black striped. It all started when the doorbell rang and the children discovered there was a tiger at the door. Some of the children said to not let him in but others waited to see what would happen next in the story. We read the story through talking about the children's experience at least tea time and what their parents would say if a tiger came to their house. The children were really interested in tigers and went off to explore the colour orange. They tapped into pumpkins, made pumpkins out of playdough and drew tigers while outside. The children's favourite activities were to paint their hand orange for the Tigers colours and then draw on their stripes and face features, the children also enjoyed making a cup of tea for their tiger. By the end of the week children were researching information about tigers in books and on the Internet. The children discovered what tigers really like to eat and where their habitat is. The children were really interested in an article about a tiger who got stuck up a tree-this inspired their images this week of drawing big paper tigers and tree branches.They included ropes, ladders and Spider-Man web catchers.