15.09.17 Fab first full week!

Well here we are, our first week done and dusted and what a great week it has been! A huge well done to all Year 1/2 for working so hard, you have been brilliant.
This week has seen a real change in the weather which has prompted some excellent discussions about our topic of 'Seasonal Changes'. We began by chatting about animals that hibernate during the winter and what kinds of preparations they make to in order to do so. We had some interesting conversations about what it would be like if we hibernate during the winter and what we would all collect and store to get us through the bad weather!
In literacy our discussions led us to our theme of hedgehogs. We discussed what they look like and what characteristics they have. We made notes on their body parts and then we came up with adjectives that we could use to describe them. Next we put all of our hard work together and we wrote some interesting sentences using adjectives and noun phrases to write exciting senetences about our hedgehog pictures.
We have also been reading stories about a hedgehog and learning to retell stories using drama. Finally we ended the week with a big write all about an unexpected hedgehog visit.
In our maths work we have been doing lots of work on place value. We have been counting forwards and backwards and solving sequences. We have been sorting and counting objects and working with dienes and numicon to count in tens and ones. We have used lots of apparatus to solve different problems and we are even solving problems with what we have learnt. 
We have loved ICT this week, especially as we used the chrome books in our own classroom. We have really been working hard to log on faster! In our lessons we have been combining increasing our knowledge of using the mousepad with increasing our ability to code. We loved the first activity which was to programme bubbles to float and sink and to pop on command! We can't wait to build on these skills next week.
It was great to see our friends in science this week, as we worked in our year groups to begin our new science topics. In year 2, we loved discussing how animals and humans change as they grow and we enjoyed choosing our own animals to investigate. We also talked about different types of animals and we worked hard to classify them. 
In topic we have begun looking at the world map and locating where we live. We then moved onto learning about what a continent is and naming the seven different continents. Finally we had a go at solving a continent puzzle. It has been great to look at the wider world and seeing where we belong in it.
In art we started some seasonal art with leaves. We began by choosing a leaf and spending time looking at and describing it. We then learnt all about sketching before having a go at sketching our own leaves. It was a fantastic end to the week!