15.02.19 Loving our learning.

This week we have shared our love for learning through our play. We have discovered the heart shape which we used in the playdough, painting and cooking. The children have really enjoyed making heart cards for their special loved one. They have looked at what colour love is and have marked their own hearts. The children were set a very colourful challenge to create their own heart and they used big movement within the write dance program to achieve this and made the brightest of hearts. 
We have explored the outside this week mainly through learning about our heart and getting to know what's good for us and what we should be doing more of to keep our hearts healthy. The children choose to exercise their hearts with physical  movement  outside and it really got our heart pumping. We counted each fast beat.
We also shared our love of learning with our parents and shared our learning journeys. It was so nice to see so many parents in sharing and understanding our young ways of learning. 
Roll on the pumpkin, mice, dress and glass slippers, yes you guessed it Cinderella when we return...........