15.01.18 Castles

Welcome to a new week and all the amazing new things it will bring!
This week we started off with a brilliant assembly where we learnt all about growth mindset. We learnt that growth mindset is all about your attitude towards learning. We were taught about what makes a fixed and growth mindset and the difference between the two. We talked about why it was important to recognise what growth mindset is and how we can make sure that we have one. We learnt about famous people who have a growth mindset like Walt Disney and Steve Jobs and how it had contributed to their success. My favourite was the story of J.K.Rowling who had been turned down by 13 publishers and told she would never make a good children’s writer before finally being taken on by the 14th publisher. We decided she must have had a very strong growth mindset and that it certainly helped her to achieve her dream.
We finished the assembly by thinking about how we could have a growth mindset during the week ahead! 
I’m not going to give up, even if things get hard!
I’m going to work on the subjects that I find the most difficult!
I'm going to encourage others!
I’m going to learn lots of new things!
I will be positive!
I will believe in myself!
In class we continued our work on castles by learning more about the different parts of a castles. We built on the knowledge that we had already gained when we labelled each of the different parts and we began to learn and understand more about the actual function of each part of the castle. We also started an information booklet in our literacy where we have been able to use what we have learnt to write about each of the different parts of a castle.
In maths we continued our work on money and this week we began by looking at notes! We talked about and described each one before counting arrangements of notes and identifying how much money we would have.
In ICT we built in our skills from last week. We opened a new webpage and accessed a new online programme. This time we looked at a 3D programme where we had to design and build our own 3D castles. We used the mouse pad to select and manipulate the different parts. We made a fantastic start!
In PE we have been working on stretches and curls in gymnastics. This week we were using what we had learnt so far to create parts of a castle. We had great fun recapping the different features of each part of a castle and then we enjoyed working in groups to stretch and curl our bodies in different ways to create them.
In art we have been working on observational drawing and different sketching and shading techniques. We used the techniques that we learnt to draw our own medieval goblets which were amazing.
Please make sure you child has their PE kit everyday!
Have a fantastic weekend!